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Advantages of Foam Rubber Pipe and Foam Rubber Sheet

1. Environmental Protection
Our foam rubber pipe and sheet contain no chloride or fluoride which is harmful to the atmosphere. This meets the requirements of ISO14000 international environmental certification. Hence, no pollutants will be produced during the installation or use of the products.

2. Low Thermal Conductivity
Rubber is a high-quality insulation energy-saving material. With low thermal conductivity, it separates cold and heat and prevents condensation.

3. Good Fireproof Performance
Our foam rubber pipe and sheet are made of raw materials containing a large number of smoke-reducing flame-retardant components. When they are burning, the smoke produced is very small in density. They will not melt in a fire or drop fireball. The self-extinguishing property of the materials ensures safety and reliability.

4. Closed Bubble Structure
Due to the closed bubble structure, the external water is difficult to penetrate into the rubber, namely the rubber has excellent water vapor permeability resistance.

5. Vibration Resistance
Rubber has high elasticity, so it can reduce the vibration or resonance of the chilled water and hot water pipes to the maximum extent.

6. Space Saving
Thickness of the rubber is about 1/3 of other insulation materials, so the space above the ceiling can be saved and the interior height is increased.

7. Long Service Life
Since the rubber has outstanding weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, and ozone resistance, its service life is long. It will not age or deform after 25 years. It is maintenance-free.

8. Even and Orderly Appearan
Our foam rubber pipe or sheet has high-elasticity, smooth surface layer with soft textile. It will remain intact and beautiful even when it is installed in the irregular components, such as elbow pipe, three-way joint, valve, etc.

9. Convenient and Fast Installation
Due to the soft textile and no needing of other auxiliary layers, the installation of foam rubber pipe and sheet is easy. The foam rubber pipe can be directly put outside the metal pipe or it can be firstly cut lengthwise, put onto the metal pipe, and then bonded with glue. For valves, three-way joints, elbow pipes or other complex components, the foam rubber sheet can be cut out, applied to the components, and glued. This can ensure the leakproofness of the entire system, thus ensuring the heat preservation of the whole system. In addition, because of the excellent properties of the rubber, no vapor barrier or protective layer is needed, which reduces the trouble during the construction.