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Foil Clad Foam Rubber

To meet market demand, we have developed this foil clad foam rubber. It is made from superior-performancenitrile butadiene rubber and polyvinyl chloride as well as some high-quality auxiliary materials. This product has the following features.
1. The product's fireproof performance is further improved due to the specially-made aluminum layer covered on its surface.
2. A high polymer material produced by special process is added to inner structure of the product, which greatly improves the product's resistance to tear, impact, and corrosion.
3. This closed-cell elastic product is soft, flex resistant, cold-resistant, heat-resisting, flame retardant, waterproof, shock-absorbing, sound-absorbing, and non-pollution.

Item Unit Indexes Standard
Apparent density kg/m3 ≤95 GB/T6343
Flammability Oxygen index % ≥32 GB/T 2406
Smoke density rating (SDR) -- ≤75 GB/T 8627
When used in construction, the flammability rating must not be lower than grade C. GB 8624-2006
Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) GB/T 10294
Average temperature
-20℃ ≤0.031
0℃ ≤0.034
40℃ ≤0.036
Water vapor permeability Permeability coefficient g/(m·s·Pa) ≤ 2.8×10-11 GB/T 17146-1997
Dampness factor -- ≥7.0×103
Water absorption ratio in vacuum % ≤10 GB/T 17794-2008
Dimensional stability 105±3℃, 7d % ≤10 GB/T 8811
Tear strength N/cm ≥2.5 GB/T 10808
Compression resilience ratio % ≥70 GB/T 6669-2001
Compression ratio % 50
Compression time h 72
Ozone resistance -- Not cracking GB/T 7762
Ozone pressure 202 MPa 200h
Aging resistance 150h -- Slightly crumpling, no cracks, no pin holes, no deformation GB/T 16259
Temperature -40℃~110℃ GB/T 17794

The foil clad foam rubber is widely used in many industries, such as construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, light textile, metallurgy, shipping, vehicle, etc. Due to its softness and flex resistance, it can also be processed into the protective jacket or handlebar cover of fitness equipment, medical apparatus, and daily necessities.

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