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The centrifugal glass wool is a filamentary material made from molten glass fibrated by centrifugal blowing technology and sprayed with thermosetting resin. After thermal curing deep processing, it can be made into various multipurpose products.

The inner fiber of the product is long and thin, with low heat conductivity coefficient. It can well confine the air and make it unable to flow, thus eliminating the convective heat transfer of air while attenuating the transmission of sound, achieving the purpose of thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Our product is widely used in construction, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, and many other fields. It is produced in rolls or in slabs. The glass wool board is made by applying thermosetting binder to the glass wool and by pressurizing and warming. It is the optimal material for heat insulation, sound absorption, and noise reduction in steel buildings.

1. Our product has excellent heat insulation and sound absorption performance. It is non-inflammable, non-toxic, and corrosion-resistant. It also has small volume weight, low thermal conductivity coefficient, low moisture absorption rate, and good chemical stability.
2. It is lightweight, which can reduce the building load.
3. The fiber is long and thin, without slag ball, which ensures better shockproof and sound-absorbing performance as well as long service life.
4. Our product is easy and fast to install.
5. Storage and transportation are convenient, thereby reducing expenses.

ECOFOX GLASS WOOL is an experienced glass wool manufacturer based in China. We provide various types of products such as air conditioning glass wool blanket, foam rubber pipe, glass wool batts, and color glass wool.

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