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Rock Wool Pipe

Rock wool pipe is made of natural basalt. The basalt is melt under high heat and is made into inorganic fibers by high-speed centrifugal equipment. The fibers are added with special adhesive and dust-proof oil, and then cured by heat into rock wool pipes of various specifications.

1. The product is moistureproof and heat insulating.
2. It is easy to install.
3. A layer of aluminum foil can be applied to the outer layer of the product as per customer requirement.

This product is ideal for heat insulation and soundproofing of pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, flues, heat exchangers, draught fans, and other equipment in the oil, construction, metallurgy, textile, electric power, transportation, and other fields.

As an experienced rock wool pipe manufacturer in China, ECOFOX GLASS WOOL provides a wide range of products that includes glass wool batts, insulated foam rubber, hydrophobic glass wool and more.

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