Hydrophobic Glass Wool

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Hydrophobic Glass Wool

Compared with common glass wools, the hydrophobic glass wool has better water repellency and thermal insulation. The glass wool mainly relies on the air layer between the fibers for insulation. Once the ordinary type of product becomes damp, its insulation performance will be seriously affected. The hydrophobic type of product solves this problem and is thus widely used for curtain walls, air ducts, pipelines, etc.

Item Unit Index Standard
Density kg/m3 20-80 GB/T 5480.3
Average fiber diameter μm 5-8 GB/T 5480.4
Grade of combustibility Non-combustible Grade A GB 8624-1997
Re-shrinking temperature 250-400 GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductibility W/m·K 0.034-0.07 GB/T 10294
Hydrophobicity of hydrophobic glass wool board % ≥99.8 GB/T10299
Hydrophobicity of hydrophobic glass wool blanket % ≥99 GB/T 10299

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