Foil Clad Glass Wool Board

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Foil Clad Glass Wool Board

We have developed a variety of glass wool board with aluminum foils to better satisfy customers' special requirements. Our products are beautiful in appearance and perform well in resisting moisture, absorbing sound, and preventing corrosion. Multiple clad materials can be chosen, such as perforated aluminum foil, reinforced aluminum foil, white polypropylene, black glass fiber mat, etc. These materials have high tensile strength and are puncture resistant. They can be easily applied to the surface of the glass wool board and improve its bursting strength.

Physical Performance Indexes
Item Unit Index Standard
Density kg/m3 10-100 GB/T 5480.3-1985
Average fiber diameter μm 5.5 GB/T 5480.4-1985
Water content % ≤1 GB/T 3007-1982
Grade of combustibility Non-combustible, Grade A GB 8624-1997
Re-shrinking temperature ≥250 GB/T 11835-1988
Thermal conductibility W/m·K 0.038-0.06 GB/T 10294-1988
Hydrophobicity % ≥98.2 GB/T 10299-1988
Hygroscopicity % ≤5 GB/T 16401-1986
Sound absorption coefficient 1.03
Reverberation chamber method, 24kg/m3, 2000Hz
Slag inclusion content % ≤0.3
Product Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Density (kg/m3)
Board 1200 - 2200 600 - 1200 20 - 100 24 - 96
Blanket 11000, 20000 1200 25-150 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 48

As a China-based glass wool board with aluminum foil manufacturer, ECOFOX GLASS WOOL also offers color glass wool, formaldehyde free glass wool, insulated foam rubber, and glass wool blanket, among others.

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