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  • Glass Wool BlanketDue to the long and thin inner fiber as well as the low thermal conductivity, the glass wool can stop air flowing and heat transferring. Meanwhile, it can quickly attenuate sound transmission. Centrifugal glass wool is divided into glass wool board and glass wool blanket. The latter is further divided into bare type and foil clad type.
    The glass wool blanket is an optimal material for heat insulation and sound absorption in steel ...
  • Foil Clad Glass Wool BlanketTo better meet customer requirements, we have developed multiple glass wool blanket with aluminum foils. These products have excellent performance in heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound absorption, and corrosion prevention.
    There are various clad materials for choice, such as reinforced aluminum foil, perforated aluminum ...
  • Air Conditioning Glass Wool BlanketAir conditioning glass wool blanket provides efficient heat preservation for air conditioning system, thus reducing the energy consumption and operation cost. It also has sound absorption function. Light in weight, it can reduce the building load. In addition, this product can be produced quickly, so the construction period can be shortened.

Glass wool blanket is the best material for heat insulation and sound absorption in steel structure buildings. It is divided into bare type and foil clad type. It is widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition centers, shopping malls, indoor playground, stadiums, and many other places.

Glass wool has a fluffy internal structure consisting of interlaced glass fibers, with a large amount of minute pores. These long and thin fibers have low coefficient of heat conductivity and can entrap air to avoid convective heat transfer.

Performance Indexes
Item Unit Index Standard
Density Kg/m3 10-80 GB/T 5480.3
Average fiber diameter μm 5-8 GB/T5480.4
Water content % ≤1 GB/T16400-2003
Grade of combustibility Non-combustible Grade A GB 8624-1997
Re-shrinking temperature 250-400 GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductivity W/m·K 0.034-0.06 GB/T 10294
Hydrophobicity % ≥98 GB/T 10299
Moisture absorption rate % ≤5 GB/T5480.7
Sound absorption coefficient 1.03
Reverberation chamber method, 24kg/m3, 2000Hz
Slag inclusion content % ≤0.3 GB/T5480.5

Advantages of Glass Wool Blanket
CE certified
Low thermal conductivity
Low moisture absorption rate
Good hydrophobicity
Good chemical stability
Excellent rebound elasticity, capable of returning to the original level in 24 hours after unpacking the vacuum packing

Standard package: plastic bag + woven bag
Optimum package 1: LDPE, HDPE
Optimum package 2: compression packing

ECOFOX GLASS WOOL is a professional glass wool blanket manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes glass wool board, glass wool blanket with aluminum foil, foam rubber sheet, glass wool batts, and more.

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