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Ecofox Insulation Import & Export Company Ltd., established in 1998, is a Chinese manufacturer of heat insulation material for customers around the world. Some of our more popular products are glass wool and foam rubber, which are commonly used for thermal insulation in buildings and air conditioning systems. Over the past decade and a half, our determination to provide high quality products at the lowest prices has made us China's largest manufacturer and exporter of thermal insulation material.

We currently have 12 of the most advanced Italian imported production lines, which are utilized in the manufacturing of our glass wool, foam rubber, and other heat insulation products. We have China's largest lab and quality testing center, which we use to verify the quality of our heat insulation materials before they are approved for delivery to customers. Using our expansive, state of the art facilities, our monthly output of glass wool is 12,000 tons (1,500 van containers). In addition, our share of the domestic market, and our exports, both exceed 70%. Our highly regarded heat insulation materials were chosen for use in the Bird Nest Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in pavilions for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Because of our fine quality products and our outstanding reputation, our brand HUAMEI is the only Nationally Well-Known Trademark in the heat insulation material industry.

  • Glass Wool Blanket
  • Glass Wool BlanketDue to the long and thin inner fiber as well as the low thermal conductivity, the glass wool can stop air flowing and heat transferring. Meanwhile, it can quickly attenuate sound transmission. Centrifugal glass wool is divided into glass wool board and glass wool blanket. The latter is further divided into bare type and foil clad type.
    The glass wool blanket is an optimal material for heat insulation and sound absorption in steel buildings, such as industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and so on.
  • Foil Clad Glass Wool Blanket
  • Foil Clad Glass Wool Blanket To better meet customer requirements, we have developed multiple glass wool blanket with aluminum foils. These products have excellent performance in heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound absorption, and corrosion prevention.
    There are various clad materials for choice, such as reinforced aluminum foil, perforated aluminum foil, white polypropylene, black glass fiber mat, etc. These puncture-resistant materials can be easily applied to the surface of the glass wool blanket. They have high tensile strength and can improve ...
  • Air Conditioning Glass Wool Blanket
  • Air Conditioning Glass Wool Blanket Air conditioning glass wool blanket provides efficient heat preservation for air conditioning system, thus reducing the energy consumption and operation cost. It also has sound absorption function. Light in weight, it can reduce the building load. In addition, this product can be produced quickly, so the construction period can be shortened.
    ECOFOX GLASS WOOL is a professional air conditioning glass wool blanket manufacturer in China.
  • Glass Wool Board
  • Glass Wool BoardProduct: Boards
    Length (mm): 1200-2200
    Width (mm): 600-1200
    Thickness (mm): 20-100
    Density (Kg/m3) : 24-96 ...
  • Foil Clad Glass Wool Board
  • Foil Clad Glass Wool BoardWe have developed a variety of glass wool board with aluminum foils to better satisfy customers' special requirements. Our products are beautiful in appearance and perform well in resisting moisture, absorbing sound, and preventing corrosion. Multiple clad materials can be chosen, such as perforated aluminum foil, reinforced aluminum foil, white polypropylene, black glass fiber mat, etc. These materials have high tensile strength and are puncture resistant. They can be easily applied to the surface of the glass wool board and improve its bursting strength.
  • Glass Wool Batts
  • Glass Wool BattsThe high-performance glass wool batts customized to meet customers' special needs are well applied to the wall and roof systems of office buildings, conjoined or monomer residence, public buildings, and other places. They can not only provide excellent energy conservation and noise reduction effect but also are easy and convenient to mount.

At Ecofox, ensuring the superior quality of our products is our main priority. Therefore, we give careful attention to product inspection and the strict quality control of our products. The secret formula for our glass wool and foam rubber greatly improves the thermal insulation properties of our products to over 3 times that of ordinary insulation. Our patented technology for the formulation of our glass wool insulation products gives them a high rebound property, excellent insulating performance, and fire resistance. That is why the quality of our products achieves the international leading standard established by Owens Corning. In addition, the most advanced automated machines are utilized in the production of our products. Because of our strict quality management procedures, our glass wool and foam rubber have obtained multiple certificates including CE, ASNZ, SAI-GLOBAL, A1, MSDS, ASTM, and more. What's more, we are the only heat insulation company in China to possess an imported automatic sheet felt bundling press, enabling us to rapidly provide efficient product packaging.

At Ecofox, we strive to keep costs low for our valued clients. Our factory is located in Dacheng County, the distributing center of heat insulation material in Hebei Province. Here we are close to the glass wool raw material providers in Northeast China and North China, and we are only 100 kilometers from the Tianjin Port, China’s third largest. Our factory is also located in the countryside, where labor cost is low, and our large-scale production significantly reduces our operating cost as well. We have been the leading provider of insulation material in China for the past eight years and the largest exporter for the past five years. Our fine glass wool and foam rubber heat insulation products have been exported to over 60 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and other regions around the globe.